Nuova Simonelli MDX Espresso Grinder-Doser
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It is the texture of the coffee grind that controls the rate of extraction of espresso. A fine grind slows the extraction while a coarse grind quickens the extraction rate. It is the responsibility of the grinder-doser to control the texture of the coffee grind, hence, controlling the quality of the entire specialty coffee program. Needless to say, the choice of grinder–doser is extremely important.

The MDX is by far our most popular grinder-doser. Grind settings are adjusted simply by turning the adjustment knob, which adjusts the distance of the bottom burr from the top burr. Since only the bottom burr moves during adjustment, it is much easier to change burrs because a major calibration of the unit is not required. The actual coffee dose is easily adjusted with an external knob.

The MDX is available in automatic (grinding starts automatically & stops automatically when storage chamber is full), or semiautomatic (grinder starts manually & stops manually). Standard colors are red or black with gold or chrome being optional.

Other MDX Features
  • Doser counter
  • Hopper capacity:  2.2 pounds
  • Grinding burrs- 65mm
  • Production per hour:  22 pounds
  • 115 volt

Height 23 3/16” x Depth 11 6/16 x Width 7 7/16”

Gross Weight 33 pounds     Net Weight 30 pounds

SKU: AMX-60-0
Weight: 33.00
Price: $886.50 


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