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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Espresso Machine
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Bev-Tech introduces the new Aurelia from Nuova Simonelli, a new hybrid class of espresso machine. Aurelia delivers the optimum shot of espresso for the discriminating café owner.

Double pre infusion {soft infusion}
All Aurelia models incorporate an industry leading pre infusion chamber above the grouphead. Aurelia not only uses its patented single pre infusion technology, but also provides a second inline pressure dropping mechanism located before the heat exchanger. These “double“ features allow the 9 bar needed to extract espresso to drop to 2 bar, presoaking the grounds and then builds pressure back to the 9 bar needed to finish the extraction. This process allows for more crema and aroma to be extracted while also lowering employee’s possible tamping/grinder inconsistencies.                              

With traditional pre infusion technology, the extraction starts at 0 bar and reaches 9 bar in about 8 seconds. With double pre infusion, the extraction starts at 0 bar and reaches 9 bar in about 16 seconds, allowing twice the amount of grounds to be presoaked before the full extraction takes place.

Aurelia comes with three steam wands with pull down levers. The middle wand may be replaced with the smart wand on most models. Smart wand automatically steams or froths milk then turns off at a preset temperature. The smart wand is non-scalding; if you grab the wand while it’s operating you won’t get burned.

Weighing in at 14 pounds, Aurelia’s grouphead is the largest and heaviest in the industry. In conjunction with two hydraulic thermal compensation lines, this newly engineered group will hold its temperature no matter what your extraction rate.
With the use of two gigglers, the temperature of each individual group may be adjusted depending on the user's needs. Arabica coffees need high temperature while Robusta coffees need lower temperature for proper extraction.

Aurelia’s copper boiler with oversized heat exchangers comes with a lifetime warranty
2 Group                                                 3 Group                                          4 Group
16 liter                                                    20 liter                                           27 liter
4500 watt                                              5000 watt                                        5000 watt

Just put cleaner into the blind filter and the Aurelia automatically runs through its back flush cycle.

Incorporated in selected models of the Aurelia is a digital display panel that allows you to program any message, promotion, or bulletin. Use it to merchandise your menu specials or communicate events happening in your café or community. Curiosity will attract your customers to the display, and your message can be programmed to run at a selected time.

Aurelia is a machine with no equal for many of its esthetical and technical details. It is no wonder that the Aurelia is the first machine in the world that has been awarded the certification for being ergonomic.
This means that every part of the machine was planned with reference to the work and natural movements of the barista. This approach suggests the characteristics that a professional machine should have, considering technology, its functions, and the maintenance and the design.


  • Thermo-compensated unit with double pre infusion { soft infusion }
  • Hot water dispenser with economizer
  • 16, 20, and 27 liter boiler with lifetime warranty
  • Larger section tubing to increase performance of hydraulic system
  • Electronic control to monitor grind profile {Plus}
  • Double flow control restrictions to regulate water circulation into group head
  • Programmable on/off controls {Plus}
  • Programmable cup warmer {Plus}
  • Self diagnosis system with historical fault data {Plus}
  • Beverage counter {Plus}
  • USB connector for computer interface {Plus}
  • Digital display panel {optional}
  • Available in 2 , 3 , 4 groups with 208/240 volt power supply
  • Available in semiautomatic , automatic , and Plus versions
  • Accommodates 20 oz. cups with raised groups
  • Optional smart wand with air induction and temperature control
  • Heaviest group in the industry- 14 pounds
  • Ease of programming
  • Approvals ETL & NSF

2 group - 208/240 volt – 20 amp – 1 ph – female receptacle N.E.M.A. # 6-20 
3 & 4 group- 208/240 – 30 amp – 1 ph – female receptacle N.E.M.A. # L6-30

½”or 3/8” with shut off then 3/8” female pipe thread fitting
 this is where the water filter/softener is installed 

Indirect drain
6’- ½” flexible tubing provided with machine

                         Height           Depth               Width
2 Group            20 13/16”        24 ¾”              30 7/8”
3 Group            20 13/16”        24 ¾”              39 15/16”
4 Group            20 13/16”        24 ¾”              49”

                        Gross Weight            Net Weight   
2 Group              176 pounds             163 pounds
3 Group              216 pounds             194 pounds
4 Group              264 pounds             229 pounds

Due to the multiple options and level of customizations available for this product, please call 866-879-1992 or email for a quote.

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