Torani Signature Syrup
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Each Torani Signature Syrup features a combination of pure cane sugar and either agave, maple or caramelized sugar. The combinations of sugar and flavor delivers a taste experience unlike any other syrup.  Each flavor responds differently to the different sugars, which is why each Signature Syrup uses a sugar blend specifically chosen to enhance that flavor's unique properties.

The AGAVE SUGAR FAMILY: Derived from the agaves of southern Mexico, our organic agave sugar combined with pure cane sugar has a clean finish and honey-like sweetness that's a perfect complement to these amazing flavors: VANILLA, RASPBERRY, LIME, BLOOD ORANGE.

The CARAMELIZED SUGAR FAMILY: When the goodness of caramelized sugar is combined with pure cane sugar, it accentuates the warm and creamy undertones of these syrups with an exceptional depth of flavor: HAZELNUT, CARAMEL, IRISH CREAM.

NATURAL MAPLE SUGAR: With a unique taste all its own, maple sugar combined with pure cane sugar brings a note of warm, earthy sweetness to our STRAWBERRY syrup.

750 ml

Weight: 3.50
Price: $6.25 


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